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The Computer Club: How it Started

In US schools, you have a recess period or a "gym" period where you have to go outside. For myself and the other nerdy kids, we knew this as a period of lawless bullying of anyone who didn't really fit in. Additionally, we had to do these running challenges and I was a terrible runner.

One day, we were being dismissed to go to recess. We were hesitating.

Our teacher noticed that we did not want to go, and since he was going to the computer lab to do some work, he said we could also go to the computer lab.

In the computer lab, the only things to do on ancient computers were: minesweeper, chess, and looking at the internet.

From that day on, instead of going to recess, we stayed inside.

One day, our teacher wheeled in a television on a stand when we were doing computer club. When he turned on the television, it was Steve Jobs keynote where he revealed the first iPhone.

I was floored. Instead of being bullied, people were reacting to him with respect and awe.

I believe that this was everyone in the computer club's Spiderman moment. If you don't know much about Spiderman, here's a short synopsis:

Peter Parker is a bullied kid with a shit home life. One day he is bitten by a spider and develops powers that allow him to save the world, earning him respect, love and acceptance.

I believe this is the story of Silicon Valley. It is made up of a bunch of people who couldn't fit in, coming together to try and make changes. However, some of the people in Silicon Valley, even if they came in with good intentions, turn into the Green Goblin, instead of Spiderman.

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